Dappier Partners with Polygon.io to Add Real-Time Stock Market Data to any AI Endpoint

Polygon taps AI startup Dappier to make their stock market data ‘LLM-ready’, so any developer to add real-time financial data to their AI agent or experience.

Dappier, a leader in AI-powered content discovery and monetization infrastructure for the new internet, today announced a strategic partnership with Polygon.io, a leading provider of real-time stock market data feeds. This collaboration will make Polygon.io’s industry-leading data “Large Language Model-ready” (LLM-ready), enabling seamless integration for AI developers building the next generation of financial experiences.

Through Dappier RAG Marketplace, AI developers will gain access to the Polygon.io API in an LLM-ready format. Simplifying integration into next-gen LLM or GPT driven experiences, it only takes a few clicks to add Polygon’s real-time stock market data: empowering creators to focus on building innovative financial applications with real-time market data at their fingertips. By improving a custom AI agent with Polygon financial data, applications will gain:
– Intelligent Insights: ‘Talk’ to your data. Get instant answers to complex queries, empowering financial analysis. Empower your application with Polygon’s latest updates across leading stock markets, exchanges, and more.
– Extended Potential Audience: Via Dappier Marketplace, Polygon can extend their reach by licensing LLM-ready data to other developers seeking to empower their users with the latest financial data. Dappier enables Polygon to ensure that their data can be readily accessed, regardless of where users are searching from
– Enhanced AI Accuracy: AI is only as good as the data it has permissioned. Improve the accuracy of your brand’s custom GPT or AI experience by adding Polygon’s real-time financial data. Turn any bot into a financial expert.

“At Dappier, we’re passionate about solving content discovery and monetization for an increasingly AI-driven Internet,” said Dan Goikhman, CEO of Dappier. “It only makes sense to start with some of the most valuable data users regularly access online, by helping to make Polygon’s leading exchange and financial data ready & licensable for an AI experience..”

“We are incredibly excited to empower a new wave of AI-powered financial experiences that exists on the forefront of next-gen financial analysis tooling,”” said Quinton Pike, Founder and CEO, “Our mission is to simplify access to powerful financial data, and partnering with Dappier to ensure that our data can be readily accessed by AI developers is a crucial step in the mission.”

To upgrade your AI application with access to real-time financial data powered by Polygon, visit Dappier.com.

About Dappier

Dappier is delivering monetization infrastructure for the new internet. Enabling self-service AI data licensing, Dappier helps brands create new revenue, enable permission access to proprietary data for AI developers, and deploy custom AI powered experiences. 1-click LLM training and deployment makes it easy to create your own branded AI agent, fine-tuned to your brand’s identity and content. Deploy across your platforms and license that LLM-ready data to other developers to expand your brand reach. Improve your AI agent with access to real-time data from trusted brands with Dappier Marketplace.

For more information, please visit https://dappier.com/.

About Polygon

Polygon is on a mission to make financial market data accessible to everyone. They are advocating for developers in the financial space by challenging archaic data access rules to create entirely self-serve real-time data APIs, as well as making significant parts of their stocks, crypto, forex, and options APIs free to use.

For more information, please visit https://polygon.io/.

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