Dappier Partners with The Publisher Desk to Deliver AI-Powered Content Discovery and Monetization

The Publisher Desk tapped Dappier to make its brands’ content ‘LLM-ready’, deploying branded AI agents that improve search, and enabling data permissioning to expand The Publisher Desk content to any potential AI endpoint.

Dappier, a leading provider of AI-powered content discovery and monetization solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with The Publisher Desk, a fully integrated audience development and content monetization partner to digital publishers. Through this partnership, Dappier will provide The Publisher Desk’s extensive brand and customer portfolio with a suite of AI-powered solutions, making their content LLM-ready for the next generation of Internet search and discovery. Dappier will empower 35M+ The Publisher Desk network readers across leading news & interests destinations with:

  • Contextual Recommendation Engine: Dappier enables The Publisher Desk branded AI agents and search experiences to surface smart recommendations based on users’ content habits & queries.
  • AI-Driven Improved Search: Dappier’s AI-powered site search enables users to easily find the content they are looking for with deeper insight for any query, improving user experience and satisfaction.
  • Content discovery across AI endpoints: Dappier makes it easy for The Publisher Desk to deliver and license their brands’ real-time content updates to AI developers in an LLM-ready format, introducing a new revenue stream for web publishers and making it possible for any user to access The Publisher Desk content regardless of where they’re searching from.

“We are thrilled to launch with The Publisher Desk to empower their brands with a next-gen strategy for integrating and monetizing generative AI tech,” said Dan Goikhman, CEO of Dappier. “Every brand is thinking about how they can ensure that their content is discoverable in an AI-driven Internet, and we’re excited to deliver that solution for The Publisher Desk.”

“The Publisher Desk powers leading destinations for readers online looking for the latest in sports, news, lifestyle, and more,” said Christopher Ward, CRO of The Publisher Desk, “We’re excited to work with Dappier to deliver AI search and recommendation experiences across our platforms, improving our user experience with deeper insights and ensuring that our content is accessible no matter where readers are searching.”

Dappier & The Publisher Desk founders Dan & Chris are both members of Hampton, a private network for high-growth founders. Connecting via Hampton, the new partnership will enable The Publisher Desk brands to ensure that their content is accessible from any AI agent or endpoint. As a result, AI developers can instantly connect their custom GPTs or LLM-driven AI apps to relevant news articles & blogs, reducing the potential for hallucinations and providing more detailed, useful results. Dappier is already powering improved AI-driven content recommendation across The Publisher Desk sites to increase user engagement and serve readers with even more relevant articles.

To learn more about readying your brand for AI revenue streams and deploying your own AI agent, visit Dappier.com.

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Dappier delivers monetization infrastructure for the new internet. Enabling self-service AI data licensing, Dappier helps brands create new revenue, enable permission access to proprietary data for AI developers, and deploy custom AI powered experiences. !-click LLM training and deployment makes it easy to create your own branded AI agent, fine-tuned to your brand’s identity and content. Deploy across your platforms and license that LLM-ready data to other developers to expand your brand reach. Improve your AI agent with access to real-time data from trusted brands with Dappier Marketplace.

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About The Publisher Desk

The Publisher Desk, based in New York with offices in London and South Florida, is a fully integrated audience development and content monetization partner to digital publishers, in addition to publishing several owned and operated sites. The company, founded in 2014, helps websites increase advertising revenues and reduce operational costs. Our team provides the proper resources, direction, operations, technology, and support for digital business, empowering sports, lifestyle & business media brands to connect with their audience and value-aligned advertisers.

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