Your Virtual Chief AI Officer: Prepare Your Brand for the Future of the Internet with Dappier


AI is changing how we go online. Users are going to increasingly expect more intuitive and conversational experiences, and the rise of these new technologies are bound to introduce new strategies for driving revenue and growing your business.

Every brand needs to be thinking about their overall AI strategy. That’s why Dappier is your new Self-Service Chief AI Officer.

Dappier is a self-service platform empowering brands to manage their AI strategy: from monetizing their proprietary data for AI experiences and training, to deploying branded AI experiences across platforms.

Traditionally, building a robust AI strategy has required the expertise of a Chief AI Officer (CAIO) — a role that is both scarce and financially out of reach for many businesses. Dappier simplifies the AI journey, serving as your virtual CAIO by providing a turnkey solution that streamlines the entire AI integration process.

Monetize Your Brand Expertise for AI

AI is only as good as the data it is trained on, and that means your brand’s data is uniquely valuable in helping to build the next-generation of AI technologies.

Dappier doesn’t just empower you to create and deploy your own custom conversational agents: Dappier also makes it easy to monetize your brand’s expertise as an AI agent. Go beyond improving your search capabilities with AI chat, by turning your data into an LLM-ready data model so that your content can be integrated in any AI endpoint.

By leveraging Dappier’s monetization capabilities, you can transform your data and AI know-how into a new revenue stream, fueling your brand’s growth. As end users increasingly rely on AI agents as their first point of contact online, it’s crucial to ensure that your brand’s content can be accessed no matter where your potential users are searching.

Deploy branded AI across your platforms, and beyond

Once you’ve created an AI agent in just a few clicks with Dappier, it’s easy to deploy across your platforms. Create a widget on-site to drive user engagement or integrate AI chat into your search bar for a smarter UI experience.

But your AI strategy shouldn’t just be limited to your own platforms. With Dappier, it’s easier to expand your brand identity and make conversations happen wherever your customers are, by deploying AI agents across WhatsApp, Telegram & SMS. With more places to connect with your end users, gen AI social experiences can improve customer service and search, expand your potential outreach, and increase user engagement

Prepare Your Brand for the Future of the Internet.
The future of the Internet is undoubtedly driven by generative AI technologies. Ensure that your brand is prepared: go to & connect your brand data to create your own AI agent & data model.

Dappier — Monetization for the AI Internet



Dappier - Monetization for the AI Internet

Dappier helps create & monetize AI agents, generating revenue when your data is accessed by developers, LLMs, and AI experiences across sites and apps.